Bridging the gap

We are dedicated to bridging the gap in the current technological and resulting economic divide. We do this by providing one of the only fully comprehensive, 100% free, online coding boot camp to the top 10% of diverse talent, from some of our most untapped and severely underestimated communities.

What We Offer

Project Based Curriculum

Our program provides over 500 hours of immersive learning in the 5 basic code languages. Students will graduate program with at least 10 completed projects.

Career Counseling

40+ hours of the curriculum is devoted to career counseling. Counseling will consist of portfolio panel review, and technical interview prep.


Students will be paired with a mentor in the industry and local volunteer tutors.

Career Placement

We find the top 10% of talent from diverse groups nationwide, then train and coach them to become top performing developers and engineers.

​​Local Tutors

Students will be paired with a tutor at a local college or university for additional one on one project and homework assistance.

Financial Counseling

Each student will also receive financial and start-up counseling.

Are you ready?

So you think it's time to learn a new skill and access new economic abundance and wealth? Well, we believe you and we want to help!